Post-quantum key encapsulation


NIST Submission Package

The NIST submission package is the zip archive that we submitted to the NIST PQC project. It contains the specification of NewHope reference implementation, and test vectors.
Download full NIST submission package (zip) or only the specification document (PDF).


  • NewHope – Submission to the NIST post-quantum project.
    Erdem Alkim, Roberto Avanzi, Joppe Bos, Léo Ducas, Antonio de la Piedra, Thomas Pöppelmann, Peter Schwabe, Douglas Stebila. 2020-04-10 [pdf]. Supersedes: 2019-07-10 [pdf], 2019-04-10 [pdf], 2018-06-14 [pdf], 2017-11-30 [pdf]
  • NewHope without reconciliation.
    Erdem Alkim, Léo Ducas, Thomas Pöppelmann, Peter Schwabe.
    Eprint 2016. [pdf]
  • Post-quantum Key Exchange - A New Hope.
    Erdem Alkim, Léo Ducas, Thomas Pöppelmann, Peter Schwabe.
    USENIX Security Symposium 2016. [pdf]
  • Post-Quantum Key Exchange for the TLS Protocol from the Ring Learning with Errors Problem.
    Joppe W. Bos, Craig Costello, Michael Naehrig, Douglas Stebila.
    IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2015. [pdf]