Post-quantum key encapsulation


Public GitHub repository

The primary source to obtain the NewHope software is the public GitHub repository. For instructions on how to build and run NewHope, please see the included README.

Implementation included with the NIST submission

The NewHope C reference implementation contains software for the 4 instantiations of NewHope described in the NewHope specification in subdirectories

  • Reference_Implementation/crypto_kem/newhope1024cca
  • Reference_Implementation/crypto_kem/newhope1024cpa
  • Reference_Implementation/crypto_kem/newhope512cca
  • Reference_Implementation/crypto_kem/newhope512cpa

In each of those subdirectories, simply run "make" to build software for the corresponding instance of NewHope and the the binary PQCgenKAT_sign, which generates test-vector files (KAT files) in the format requested by NIST. Note that after submission we updated the software, for the most recent version please refer to the public GitHub repository (see above).